Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tunisian Crochet

New to my Tolduso shop are these cute and colorful toe rings

These are made by doing  Tunisian Crochet...

Those of you who do not know what that is I will tell you and show you some pictures and share a website with you that gives you Simple Directions on how to Tunisian Crochet

I learned how to do this from my grandma many years ago and I never knew what the true name for it was untill I was in a discussion with some woman on the etsy site..and someone said they wanted to learn how to do tunisian style crochet and I asked what that was and they told me...And  I said HEY I already know how to do that...

As a matter of fact I made headbands and ear warmers and sold them last year....How funny is that...I always knew how to do the tecnique and now I have a name for it..... and here is a picture of one of the headband/earwarmers I made last year using the Tunisian Crochet tecnique..
**The definition of Tunisian crochet is a needlework technique that borrows elements from both knitting and crochet, creating sort of a fusion of the two techniques

Tunisian crochet hooks have a hook like regular crochet hooks, but are longer and have a stopper on the end, similar to knitting needles.
This is a picture of a regualr crochet hook and a tunisian style hook.

You can also buy Tunisian hooks that have hooks on both ends, called cro-hooks
The cro-hook is a special double-ended crochet hook used to make double-sided crochet. Because the hook has two ends, two colours of thread can be handled at once and freely interchanged.

I have not used a Cro-hook before but have seen them. and I think in the future I am gonna try it out.

So I hope that maybe I helped you out or gave you an interest in learning and wanting to try something new.
 This picture is what your tunisian style needle will look like as your items grows and grows using it..

I hope you stop over and check out my new toe rings...they are here just in time for summer and I will have many more to come I am sure. 


  1. You are soo talented. You say I am...but I just sew straight lines. Between your crochet and your hats..you do such a variety!

  2. :) awww...thank you...I just kinda get my hands into everything i guess...


  3. Hey I am following with blogspot also ! you have nice crochet and love the rings! cute :)

  4. Thank you for stopping over...:)