Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh, Yarn How I love thee

I just added this to my Tolduso shop...My brand new hat style for this year...
Please tell me what you think..
And Now:
Must I count the many ways you can use yarn and the different shapes and creations you can come up with..

No wonder it is so popular.
And did I mention Cheap..

I am showing you some shops that use yarn in very different ways...
The beauty that the fingers and hands bring out.... 
Some very creative people and I wish them Happy Sales..
Please take your time and visit the shops and imagine the work put into the items...

made this great cool is this...I love it

 made these cute little can add these to anything

left me speachless with this hat...

will take your breath away...yes yarn!!!
will fly away with this one

is for sure making a statement

makes these cute as can be covers for your tea pot...
Ok so.......
You know I can go on and on with all of these wonderful yarn creations...And I will in due time..
I hope to continue to share other artist and show what talent is out there in this big bold world.

I will end this post for today tho and hope you stop over and check out these great shops.
They are wonderful and must I add they stepped out of the box in the yarn world.

Untill my next post I wish you all happy sales and a great week..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Loving Green Today

I am in a green loving mood today...
Well it is my favorite color.  I just wanna share some quick pretty green items I found...Stop over and check out there shop.

Hope everyone has a great weekend....

Friday, June 25, 2010

A fun day

So my son decided he wanted to make his own salsa the other day and I took him to the store to buy some fresh goodies to put in it...

He wrote down some things on paper that he wanted to put in it. This is his list..
So we layed everything out on the counter washed what needed washed and got it all ready to add in the mixer.

This looks so yummee..
I love fresh veggies...
It is not even mixed up yet and my boy is holding the chip
bag in his hand...he is ready...

it's READY

And it is Nathan approved...
What a great time we had.  Oh and did I mention that I worried about him cutting his finger and I am the one with the band aid...
This was a great day to share...


Ok so now I want to share the winner of my giveaway I held on my facebook fan page

***Anna Chinnici Servati***

A big thank you goes out to all that entered and a congrats goes out to Anna.

I will have plenty more so keep checking in.
Have a great weekend everyone and remember I have free shipping in my Tolduso shop thru June.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Things

Random Items and there Shops

I just went around and picked out random items from a few differnt shops. 
Hope you stop over and check them out.....  Have  fun...

I want this t-shirt....:)

Beanz Beads


You know I am gonna add myself .

I wish everyone Happy Sales..This was fun...Now get to crafting..but before you do stop over and visit my fan page and under my discussions tab I have a giveaway going on...Winner will be announced at 8pm EDT Friday night..

Monday, June 21, 2010


Well I have 1600 fans on my facebook fan page and so I decided to do a giveaway.  Everyone loves a giveaway and it has been awhile since I have done one.

Please stop over and visit my Tolduso shop on Etsy and leave me a comment under my discussion tab on my fan page and tell me your favorite item and a suggestion of what you would like to see me add to my shop.

It is that Simple...I will then use on Friday at 8pm EDT. and then announce the winner.

You can also visit my Tolduso Zibbet Shop

Thanks everyone for following me and being a fan.
Happy Sales to all...and
Good Luck..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Memories never fade and hopefully will never be lost.  What we hold in our hearts is there to stay.  Good or bad thoughts are there and brought up and thought about throughout your lifetime.  Some make you laugh and others will bring tears. 

I lost my dad October of 2006.  He was only  54 years old. 
My memories of him are pretty simple.  He worked all the time, Smoked like crazy...Loved his flip flops and  Loved to gamble..He also didn't care what he said to people.  He laughed alot and just went with the flow. 

I cannot believe it has been this many years already.  I bet even with the ciggerette prices rising he would still be smoking...And walking around with his oxygen tank...  :(
Have you ever looked at people's hands???  I do all the time and for some reason it seems like hands can tell a story.  My dads hands were rough and callased...firm and hard...Strong and Bold....But do you know when my son was born those rough hands looked soft and delicate when he was with Nathan...And it seems they could dance the day away
On fathers day and his birthday I would make something for him...A few times I got balloons and put them in his truck with a card I drew up....They would be sitting there when he left for work.  The first 2 years I would buy a balloon and let it go up in the air.  I stopped doing that.  He would tell me to quit wasting my money..ha!! 
Now I want to share a poem I wrote for him when I was 15 years old...It was a Father's Day present from me that many years ago.......

I wish my daddy a Happy Father's Day

This and That

I added some new items to my shop this week and have many more things to come...This is
one of my new belts I listed....My first of many to come. 
Tolduso on Etsy
Tolduso on Zibbet
Tolduso on Artfire
or go to my fan page on facebook and visit the shop now tab...
I have FREE SHIPPING to U.S. and Canada for all of June.

I had a 24 hour sale this week and listed all of my hats $16.00 and My Visor/Scarfs $10.00  I sold alot of items I had stocked up....
 And I want to thank everyone so much for buying and for sharing the news on there wall. 
So very kind of you to advertise my sale for all of your fans and friends to see.  

I was givin some pictures from great customers and I wanna share them with you and Thank them so much for the pictures and for buying from me. 
 I am going to share there links to there fan page and there shops as well..Please stop over and visit.

These wonderful pictures are from LeeAnne and she is the owner of
Lucy's Bead Studio   on Etsy
Lucy's Bead Studio on facebook
These toe rings are my first sale in My Zibbet Shop and a special thanks goes out to LeeAnne.  She also bought a bucket hat from my Etsy shop.  You look great girl...

Next up I got some pictures from Meghan 
Meghan is the owner of Meg's Crochet Jewerly.
You look AWESOME girl...Thank you.

I wanna do a quick shout out to a new shop with 0 sales right now...

Designs by Kiva on facebook
Stop on over and visit....She is a great person and has many items to choose from. 

I want to wish everyone Happy Sales

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adventure Down Paths

I have went down many paths in my lifetime, and I must admit some I look back on and think what the hell did I do that for.  But that is what made me...ME !!!
I am 35 years of age a wife and mother.  
Being a mom is the best thing in the world. 
I LOVE IT and it is the best time of my life right now and what I have left in my years I need to make count...RIGHT?? 
I need to take care of myself and not let MY life get away from me. Or my health I must add.... Life is short... 
Time to get healthy and have energy...MOM TIME
So I found my mom time hitting the gym for classes in Febuary 2009...
Cardio Boxing, Riding Bikes, Weight class..etc..I mean really I deserve an hour of me time....Oh and did I mention the energy and the great feeling I had about myself so then I decided I wanted to do a I met a girl at the gym who wanted to run one and we signed up together......and we ran our first 5k October 2009..
When I finished that first race I was about in tears...
I felt so amazed at how far I made myself go and I accomplished a goal I set out to do...And I wanted to go further..
So I did my second 5k in December of 09 and beat my time by 6 min.  YAY!!!  I rocked...Oh did I mention it was cold can see my breath in the one picture...
I am now starting another new journey or path in life I guess you can say.

I go July 10th to start my certification process to teach spinning classes
This is a great workout...45 minutes and you can burn up to 800 calories...more or less depending on how hard you push yourself..
So this along with doing some hats and accessories to sell on etsy I think I have found a great path to follow.  At least when I sit to do my crafts I won't feel the 

So that is my adventure right now...I will keep you posted and fill you in when I teach my very first class in about 3 1/2 weeks...

Untill then Stay excited about Life and don't stick with one path....