Friday, June 25, 2010

A fun day

So my son decided he wanted to make his own salsa the other day and I took him to the store to buy some fresh goodies to put in it...

He wrote down some things on paper that he wanted to put in it. This is his list..
So we layed everything out on the counter washed what needed washed and got it all ready to add in the mixer.

This looks so yummee..
I love fresh veggies...
It is not even mixed up yet and my boy is holding the chip
bag in his hand...he is ready...

it's READY

And it is Nathan approved...
What a great time we had.  Oh and did I mention that I worried about him cutting his finger and I am the one with the band aid...
This was a great day to share...


Ok so now I want to share the winner of my giveaway I held on my facebook fan page

***Anna Chinnici Servati***

A big thank you goes out to all that entered and a congrats goes out to Anna.

I will have plenty more so keep checking in.
Have a great weekend everyone and remember I have free shipping in my Tolduso shop thru June.


  1. How old is Nathan? Him and Seth would get along! Congrats to Anna!

  2. He is the big is my only so we spend ALOT of time together...I agree him and Seth would have all kinds of things to grow and make...