Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy Bee

Oh my goodness have I been a busy bee!

School has started and my son is now in 6th grade.....yay!!!
my how time fly's....seems I was just dropping him off at pre-school and we both
were crying cuz we didn't want to leave each other.
(my  tears were more when I got into the car cuz I was trying to be miss tough guy)

I am in training for my first 10k run which is September 17th ....yay!!
No it is not cold out now but this was last year when I ran one of my 5k's

This will be my 3rd year running the Tyler's Run

My first year I ran the 5k with a friend of mine Leigh

My second year I ran the 5k with Leigh and my Husband :)
(this was my husbands first 5k) yay!!

This being my 3rd year I am running a 10k with my husband and my other friend Heather
This is all of ours first 10k run
My friend Leigh will be there but she will be walking the 5k this year due to knee issues

So wish us all good luck cuz that running stuff is hard to do...I just now ran my first 4 miles non-stop
on a different note

I have been cleaning, pricing, and throwing away things in the house because this
weekend I am having a yard sale...yay!!

(I need the money to spend for the week after community yard sale) ha!! :)


Next month is a big 2 day fall craft show I am doing and I have been crocheting in my free
time in the evening to get things made up...yay!!!

I have these steps and peg boards I am trying to make pretty to display my hats
and scarfs,cowls,etc....Any ideas on what to do with them CHEAP....

I love ideas....please leave me a comment with some advice...
I have 5 steps total and I don't think I am going to use all the peg boards...It will look to crowded I think
but I haven't decided...right now I just wanna make them pretty

ok so enough with the yay!! 

I am really pulling my hair out and under pressure

Which reminds me of a song enjoy :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tolduso in the Sand

 I sit back and watch my son play in the sand and look out at that big ocean.
Sand is in every crease on our bodies and no one cares or complains.

 A walk down the Pier and a Kiss from my wonderful husband

 Are feet as the waves come up on the shore :) I love this picture

 And this is me and my wonderful men

 Each morning we woke up and walked down the beach shore picking up shells.
We are going to hot glue them to a picture frame and add our picture in it

We took an afternnoon and went to visit the Air Force Museum
it was so cool...and all free

after that we went to lunch...yum yum
 Me and my baby

 What a pretty couple :)
 yep he is taller than me..I am just a shortee

 Love our faces??  this was our last night on the beach

 big ol' jelly fish came up on shore...look at my son's

 this is our sand castle we can't see it really well but we put our names
in it and added the year

 I got pooped on by the sea gulls..(i hear it is good luck tho)

                                         My son was feeding the fish...there were tons of them

If you look right in the middle it is a dolphins head..they were all over 
see there fins in the picture below.

A beautiful sunset to end the day

How time flys when you are having fun and not have a care in the world.
A time we will never get back but a memory we will always have.

Monday, August 15, 2011



I am a little  late on doing my giveaway for my 200th sale in my etsy shop 
but it is better late than never.

So on with what you will win

A set of Football hats....yay!!! 
throwing confetti cuz I love Football season

You will get 1 football hat for him and 1 for her

I think this is a great prize and if you don't like football
give them away as a gift...

Now what do you have to do to enter??

Here it goes

1.  Become a fan of my Facebook Page
(leave me a comment here) that is 1 entry

2.  Follow my Blog
(leave me a comment) that is 1 entry

3.  Stop on over my shop Tolduso
and come back and tell me what is your favorite item
(leave a comment) that is 1 entry

4.  If you have bought an item from me before
(leave a comment) that is 1 entry

5.  Leave me a comment of what color combinations
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(that is 1 entry)

6.  Grab my blog button and add it to your blog for 1 entry

7.  Do a blog about my giveaway that gives you 1 entry


*Please leave a comment for each them all if you like

*The winner will be picked from

I will announce the winner on

Thursday, September 1st

Have Fun

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Headed South

~Tolduso is Headed South~
Time to chillax before school starts back up...

Toes in the water

Ass in the sand

not a care in the world a cold beer in my hand

Life is Good

Wishing you all a great safe week


Thursday, August 4, 2011

What do your hands say?

I was looking around Pinterest which is now my new hobby it seems and I came across
this picture.

I sit and stare at these hands and Love them and this picture so dang much....
I do not know whose they are nor do I care because these hands
have a story to tell without even seeing or hearing the person they belong to.

When you look at this picture do you see a story...a journey..a way of life
what have these hands touched or felt...have these hands hurt or ached
lost and loved? 

 I want to reach out to them and hold them for a bit and say hello...don't you?

I wonder what kind of story my hands will tell...
Do you look at your hands? I often do and last year I took a picture of my hand on
top of my grandmothers hand and it is my favorite picture..

Her 82 year old hand and mine 35 makes me smile
An evening of sitting and watching my son do a school play
My grandma reaches over and places her hand on my knee
Her fingernails always long and painted and gold rings wherever she goes...

I placed mine on top of hers and watched my son and looked down and smiled at our
hands and I snapped this picture.

Hands go threw a journey and they sure can tell a story
Look at this hand shot
Me and My wonderful husband holding hands in the sand
now there is a story in the making still.

Smiles can be fake
Hands are true

I will now be taking more pictures of hands...