Thursday, August 4, 2011

What do your hands say?

I was looking around Pinterest which is now my new hobby it seems and I came across
this picture.

I sit and stare at these hands and Love them and this picture so dang much....
I do not know whose they are nor do I care because these hands
have a story to tell without even seeing or hearing the person they belong to.

When you look at this picture do you see a story...a journey..a way of life
what have these hands touched or felt...have these hands hurt or ached
lost and loved? 

 I want to reach out to them and hold them for a bit and say hello...don't you?

I wonder what kind of story my hands will tell...
Do you look at your hands? I often do and last year I took a picture of my hand on
top of my grandmothers hand and it is my favorite picture..

Her 82 year old hand and mine 35 makes me smile
An evening of sitting and watching my son do a school play
My grandma reaches over and places her hand on my knee
Her fingernails always long and painted and gold rings wherever she goes...

I placed mine on top of hers and watched my son and looked down and smiled at our
hands and I snapped this picture.

Hands go threw a journey and they sure can tell a story
Look at this hand shot
Me and My wonderful husband holding hands in the sand
now there is a story in the making still.

Smiles can be fake
Hands are true

I will now be taking more pictures of hands...


  1. love this! I find hands so interesting, and dread the direction mine are taking, even tho it means I am now wiser, and have experienced so much. But I never did want 'old hands'. Please share the photos you take, because the ones here are fabulous!

  2. I enjoyed your post...when my 73 year old Mom visits she often talk about how much my hands look like hers when she was my age. Love the pictures!

  3. :) thanks so much ladies...I will share my pictures with you all....that is a blessing cool thanks for stopping over