Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tolduso in the Sand

 I sit back and watch my son play in the sand and look out at that big ocean.
Sand is in every crease on our bodies and no one cares or complains.

 A walk down the Pier and a Kiss from my wonderful husband

 Are feet as the waves come up on the shore :) I love this picture

 And this is me and my wonderful men

 Each morning we woke up and walked down the beach shore picking up shells.
We are going to hot glue them to a picture frame and add our picture in it

We took an afternnoon and went to visit the Air Force Museum
it was so cool...and all free

after that we went to lunch...yum yum
 Me and my baby

 What a pretty couple :)
 yep he is taller than me..I am just a shortee

 Love our faces??  this was our last night on the beach

 big ol' jelly fish came up on shore...look at my son's

 this is our sand castle we can't see it really well but we put our names
in it and added the year

 I got pooped on by the sea gulls..(i hear it is good luck tho)

                                         My son was feeding the fish...there were tons of them

If you look right in the middle it is a dolphins head..they were all over 
see there fins in the picture below.

A beautiful sunset to end the day

How time flys when you are having fun and not have a care in the world.
A time we will never get back but a memory we will always have.


  1. Awwww..beautiful pictures and it looks like ya'll had a fabulous time!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY! :D
    Thank you for sharing! :D

  2. :) thank you for stopping by and seeing me.. :)