Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Saturday Project

Long time no typee from me
Well since it has been awhile you know I have something good to share with you

yep I sure do...Ok so I am doing some craft shows this fall and I am trying
to find some cheap ways to display my creations...
after all my husband said you can sell a pile of shit to someone if it is displayed right...ha.. :)
I thought that was funny..and honestly true...bizarre is int it...

So yesterday morning coffee in hand I started browsing on blogs
and came across this blog
Love it so much...there are so many great ideas over there but this one got my attention

And now my Saturday project began..hehehehe
So I had 2 body forms I wanted to make match and here is body form #1

There are great you can hang it on a wall or hook to display what ever it is
you need to show off...well I decided I did not need the hook so I took
it off and the back of this form is empty as you can see and I
decided I need to find a stand for my form so it can sit up and so I got to thinking and
went down to my basement and found an old lamp base..
well I tried it and it looked like this
I am going to use the old clothes piled up on the table to fill in the back of the
form so it has a little shape in the back for the brown paper bag treatment...
Ok so the more I played with the lamp base the more I just did not like it
Soooooo one must think, think, think and my mother brought over these 2 big
candle stick holders a few weeks back that she no longer wanted and is now my body form base
look at this
I think it is perfect...of course I had to find a slab of scrap wood and then
screw the form to the wood...I drilled a small hole in the wood and then hammered it
down on top of the candle stick holder..(most candle stick holders have those little spikes sticking up so you when you put your candle on stays it was PEFFECT

I am getting both form ready then will do the paper bag treatment....

Ok so now for my other dress form here is before picture

I took off this fabric that was on the form and had ordered a neck cap for the top
of this form a few weeks ago..

Here is what the form looks like all naked...quit your whistling ;)
I then grabbed my paper bags and began to rip away..many many many stripes and
even better some of the bags had a different color and texture to...
Then we went outside to play

Well in the instructions she used Modge Podge to do this treatment...
I did not have any so I used spray glue and then watered down some good old tacky glue
and that is what I used...little paint brush and glued finger tips

I don't know about you but I really love the look of how these are turning out

Aren't they cool?? what do you think...

Now I have 2 matching display dress forms to show off my cowls and scarfs at craft shows and when I need to take pictures for my etsy shop...Psst..there is what the candle stick top looks like with the little spike sticking up I was talking about earlier.. :)

I hope you enjoyed my Saturday project..I sure did...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I confess

It is not cool to be addicted to anything and yes food and beer are 1 equal 1 right?  Because I love them both  :) 

ok, ok I can't count them...but I love to buy gym shoes...and when I see a pair on
a person that I really like I need to go check out the prices and which places have them listed
the cheapest and which places have emailed me some discount coupon codes...

I love to shop at Zappos and here is the sneaker link :)

I am a lover of Asics and here is my favorite of all time so far

Oh my goodness...LOVE these shoes...and for some reason this is the only
color in this shoe I love...I bought this pair and loved them so much I went and bought another
pair in a different color and NO WAY they were so damn different and it pissed me off...
My shins and knees started hurting while I was running and doing my regular activities and damn
I had to throw them to the bottom of the closet and go back to this color...
NOTE:  This is my say on all the shoes..if you like or dislike it is ok..I am just sharing my view

Well now I went to a friends house and her son had on some Reebok that were kick ass looking
so of course I went home and ordered me some from Onlineshoes 
because I had a $20 off coupon from the last pair of shoes I ordered from them..
which were Saucomy

either way I hated them to and they are
at the bottom of my closet as well..The heel felt like it was going
to come right off my foot and
just slide and the shoe was very uncomfortable

...So here is my latest pair

Can you say KICK ASS...Don't these shoes look awesome??
I think they do...but when I ran in these shoes they killed me... :(
I am very sad to say they will be in the bottom of my closet as well...
I got a big blister on the back of my right foot...the bottom of my feet were so damn sore and
my feet slid from side to side when running...

Now this is my journey with these shoes...
I have a woman at my gym that runs miles and miles in them with no pain...and the
boy who wears them loves them as well...I am just giving my feedback...

Next up I really want to try these

I love the color of these shoes...and I need to add Adidas to my shoe trials

there are also a Nike pair I want to try like these

These are cool to

man I can make a big ol' list of shoes I want and want to try...I need someone
to just give me a bunch of cool gym shoes to go run in and see what I think..

So What is your favorite shoe to walk or run in???