Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Cherry Delight Recipe

I  make this dessert every year for my dad and brother and that would
be there Christmas present and they would fight over who got the bigger container :)
Well my dad passed away in 2006 so now I just make it for my brother and that first
year sucked without him and his big bowl.
But life goes on right? and so now it's all about my Brothers Belly :)
It is really simple to make and I made a double batch as you can simply cut down
and use 1 or 2 of the items to make it smaller...I am sure there is probably a recipe out there with the same ingredients and another name I do not know about...This is a recipe my grandma had and she quit making it and I just took over with it.
So here is what I use

2 packs of instant Vanilla Pudding
2 things of Cream Cheese
2 Boxes of Graham Crackers
4 cans of Comstock Cherrys in sauce
4 Tubs of Cool Whip
Milk of your choice for the pudding mix
Mix Cream Cheese and instant pudding together in blender
I did one cream cheese and one pudding for my first layer and saved
the other 2 for my next layer.
(again you will need to add or subtract depending on how
much you want to make)
I cut up the cream cheese into chunks so they mix better
In my big pan I bought at Krogers I start my layers
First layer is Graham Crackers
The second layer is your pudding/cream cheese mix
Next layer is Cherries
2 cans on this layer was used
Then Cool Whip goes on top of that
Well like I said earlier you can just make it all one layer and leave it alone
depends on how much you want to make.
I then started another layer on my brothers and again I add
Graham Crackers
Pudding Mix
Cool Whip and then a few Graham Crackers sprinkles and crumbled up on top for looks
and then this is what it looks like
Would be a great dessert to take to your next party!!
Enjoy and Happy New Year to Everyone

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Blue Christmas Bathroom

Hiya everyone....I hope all is well with you as we are getting closer to that Christmas day.
Are you done shopping? 
I don't buy alot and my son is 12 and actually does not have anything that he wants for Christmas which makes things hard as I still want to kinda have that Christmas morning were Santa came you know......and I don't want it to be just clothes, but hey If that is what he needs then that is what he will get as I see no point in wasting money on things that will never be used and just sit there...
I did that when he was young and that was just dumb and wasteful.
I know, I know he doesn't believe anymore and that is hard and really just makes Christmas SUCK if you want my honest feel about the
So anyways I did do some decorating to make the house feel cozy and to change the looks for at least 4 to 5 weeks out of the year.  I do like to look at my Christmas tree as I use things that mean alot to me to hang on it...example my grandpa and dads watch and my great grandmas pin cushion and a dog collar from a special little pepper :)  things like that..and if you are interested in checking it out stop over and read one of my older posts to refresh your memories Memories on my tree
 Do you have special things you hang on your tree?  What is it?  Share with me I wanna know...
ok, ok so now to the good part as we all love to see people house and how they decorate a room...I do anyways.  So here is my bathroom

This is the view going in to my bathroom.. duh :)

I hung cute little stars from my light fixture with grey ribbon

A great Free Snowman Picture looks awesome and just makes the space
feel perfect for winter...yes..yes..FREE...a box of items from a yard sale
was given to me from my neighbor and this was in it...LOVE it

Oh and the Let it Snow sign hanging was also FREE from the box of goodies

This was a big piece of wood I had and just painted it with black paint and used
a few coats..(not chalkboard paint just plain old black paint) 
I just took chalk and wrote out JOY...perfect... :)  and just wipes away when I want to add
something different to it

Just a view from when I look in my mirror.
And that is it...My simple and cheap Blue Christmas Bathroom
Oh and the awesome shower curtain that I just LOVE was found
at Krogers in the clearance section for only $3.00  yes...3 bucks
I LOVE shower curtains....
Yay so I did another blog this month and I wanna thank you for reading it.
I wish you all a great December...Stay happy and healthy


Friday, November 30, 2012

Look what's New

Tolduso has been very you see I have not even sat down to do a blog
in a very long time and shame on me.
I have many things I want to show you and first as you see above I have added
some ear warmers to Tolduso and I like to call them Half Tops.
They can be made in any color and with a flower or even a bow. 
As you know anything in the Tolduso
shop can be made to fit your needs.
Next up I added by request a couple slouch hats
This is my Favorite as I love the Mustard color and the pom poms
Made with 100% Acrylic yarn this hat is your perfect Winter Hat.
I can also make this hat in any color so if you are interested please feel free to
purchase this hat HERE   then in the note to seller box leave a comment with
the color you would like.  Easy as that....OH, and if you mention you seen this hat in my blog
I will refund your shipping so then you get FREE SHIPPING!!! 
BAM...cannot beat that :)
Ok so next up is a solid color slouch hat for him or her.  Also can be made
in any color.  This is your perfect everyday hat

There is plenty of slouch in this hat so you get that great fashionable look.
You can buy this solid color Slouch Hat HERE

And finally we must have some stripes as I am seeing them everywhere.
This also can be made in any colors and can be worn by him or her.
You can buy the striped slouch hat HERE

Which one is your favorite?  Do you like the slouch hat look?
Ok so Tolduso's newest item that was just added this week is.....drum roll please...
YES...YES...Fingerless Gloves
This yarn is so darn pretty and is made with
31% Polyester / 30% Acrylic / 25% Wool / 4% Alpaca

And of course I can make these in any color and shorter or longer...(note that longer will cost more money)  so if you are interested in buying these beauties you can go HERE
So enough with my new goodies I now wanna share a few photos I have gotten
from some customers.  I am thankful everyday for my wonderful customers and how they
support handmade items.
Here are just a few


Thank you ladies so much for buying handmade and sharing your pictures with me.
I shall keep up on my blogging and hope to have some great pictures to share with you
on my craft show and set up....I wont stay gone so long this time folks.
Enjoy your weekend


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stay Warm with Handmade

Tolduso is back from vacation and
ready for your Fall orders

All of my crochet hats can be customized with your colors at no extra charge
Stop over and look around.....If you have a questions just send me a convo and
I will be happy to get back with you.

I crochet for Men, Woman, Teens, Toddlers, Babies

I can make hats to match your team colors and school colors

Love color?  dont be afraid of adding stripes to your Fall hat

The slouch hat is very popular and so is this thick and chunky yarn
This can be worn by him or her...but don't fight over it get you both one.

Go with some simple stripes

Go with the little Newsboy Hat

The Cloche Style hat can be made in any color and you can add
flowers, ribbon, buttons, etc

How about a long scarf/cowl to wrap around you when it gets chilly out?
These can be made in any color

Buy him a handmade newsboy hat in his favorite color

I hope you stop over and look around....Keep me in mind when  you are looking for your Fall/Winter items.....Buy Handmade

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sale in my Etsy Shop

 is having a sale on visor/scarfs to make room for new bright and fun Fall/Winter Hats

Gold Rush Visor/Scarf now just $7.00

Sassy Red Polka Dots now just $7.00

These are great to have tucked away in your gym bag, purse, glove box, diaper bag
beach bag and will even fold up to put in your back pocket.

The brim is big enough to cover your eyes to watch your little one play
or simply  roll under that brim and you also have a simple scarf to wear

Also great to wear when you are out running or walking

These are just some of my Sale items so stop on over and look around