Friday, December 3, 2010

Memories on My Tree

Memories that hang on my tree
If you are like me and love to look at your Christmas tree
more than 3 or so weeks out of the year, then you have it up already...

I actually put my tree up 5 days earlier this year...before Thanksgiving even..:)
*Yes I know that is early but I love Christmas and the feeling of it...

I have special Christmas ornaments I hang on my tree...
They were not bought at a store...and I want to share some with you..
*My great-grandmas pin cushion...she lived to be 94 years old

*My grandpas watch...he was 74

*My Daddy's watch...he was 54
*An Eagle from a friend she had hanging on her tree...(you may know her)
Heather at The Pine Cone Tea Cup

*My aunt gave me an angel bell one year and I hang it proudly...
Cancer took her from us...She fought it many years she just turned 50
It says an angel gets its wings every time a bell rings

*My son made this for me in 2007

 *My grandmas dog Pepper..
I had to take her and have her put down this year..
I have her collar hanging as high as she could jump...

I have many, many more from my sons first Christmas to him making something in Kindergarten and all the way up to 5th grade...
I don't look at it as putting my tree up to early..
I look at it as seeing these ornament's come to life again for at least 5 weeks out of the year...
and remembering some of my past with these loved ones on my tree...

This will most likely be the last year my son will believe in Santa...
For he is 10 years old and it is that time...
It is going to break my heart...
For I so love the feeling and surprise and the questions of how Santa got in the house
and how he was so quiet.

Do you have special items you put on your tree?

~I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas~

~or a Happy whatever you celebrate~

~May your Family be Blessed with Love and Health~

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  1. I haven't talked to you in so long my friend!!

    I love your new blog look. How have you been?

    I think your memory ornaments are some of the best I've ever seen.
    stop by and chat with me sometime.