Wednesday, December 15, 2010

****SHOUT OUT to Rebecca s Whims****

I talked to an amazing woman a couple of weeks ago and
I just needed to share a few things about her..

She has the cutest little etsy shop and I hope you take a few minutes and go check it out..

She is  a mother of four.
(ok that is enough said right there...WOW)

She loves to study and right now
is studying psychology and is thinking of going into nursing.

She also has a small child with Cerebral Palsy 
and it requires constant care. 
 so she chooses to be a stay at home mom....
She told me she believes that we have to do the best that
 we can with our children Now...
because they will only be 'ours' for a little while.
(I love this statement because it is so true) 

She paints does bead work and also crochets.
Add in the sewing and writing and also jewelry making and you just have a busy bee!

I am proud to know this amazing woman and share her story I
hope you stop over and say hello...Here are her links

***Go over and read this blog and learn about Henry ***

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