Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Times

I live in Ohio and this year we have gotten alot of snow so far...
well we usually get a dusting here and there or maybe a few inches that comes few and far between days or even weeks..
This year has been steady flakes...

So Me my husband and son made a snowman last night
and I wanted to just share the picture with you....
I think it looks like a giant Gummy Bear...
mmmm.yum gummy bears..:)) 
My son is 5 ft. 5 inches tall so this gives you an idea of how tall it is..
Hope you all are enjoying the snow some...

Winter break has started and we had my sons School Christmas Party on Friday
My husband and I surprised Nathan by showing up...
He didnt even know we were gonna come to his class..
Big ol' smile he had..
My husband took control of the games and away we went for some fun
He is the tall man in the blue shirt explaining the rules of the first game..
(just a bit sexy isint he...)  ;)
Games, Games and more Games...Good Times...

We had pizza and cookies and then it was time to walk..(not run)
out the door and not return untill
Here comes SANTA

I hope you all have Merry Christmas and be safe...


  1. It looks like you had a blast!
    Love your Snow Bear! Too awesome! :)
    It looks like you guys had lots of great family time! :)
    YAY! :D
    ~Mippy :)

  2. Love your new bloggy look.
    Love your snow bear.
    Love the fact that you went to school and did the party.
    Love that your hubby joined in. Do you know how rare that is????
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks so much Mippy...thanks for stopping by and reading my blog...hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a safe and Happy New Year...:))
    Thanks Hillbilly...I guess that is rare of the dads to join in....was blessed with a great guy..:))
    HOpe you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS...and safe new year....