Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Listed

It has been awhile since I did a new blog post.. I hope you all are doing well...

Today I started my morning with taking my son to the doctors...He has strep throat..ewww..ouch!!!
So I came home and tucked him in on the couch and then pulled out the bleach and pin sol and started scrubbing the puke and poop bathroom that occured on Sunday....

It was a germ fest with its own little party going on in there...oh and so the shabby shower curtain that was all white and clean is now in the washer trying to get the puke out of it

My son looked at me crying and snot running down his face with puke and tears and said Im sorry mama I didn't mean to get  your shower curtain dirty....(REALLY)   how in the world can he think of that while he is in so much pain... :(  

So anyways that was my Sunday.. it was full of excitement..

On the other hand I have been working on new items to put in my shop and here are some of them

Next is my first ever bikini top

Stop on over and visit my shop when you get time...I have lots of new items