Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is Me and I ran 6.2 Miles and finished my first
10K Race with a time of 1:05:38

Tyler's Run is the race I ran....This was my very first 5K run 3 years ago
and so this year I made it my first 10K Run....I am so proud of myself

This is my friend Heather you may know her from

We ran the race together...This was her first 10K as well

We rocked this race out and yes don't you love my knee socks :)

I wish this picture wasn't so damn blurry but you see its me and I finished strong

I am now going to do a few more races 5 and 10K's then focus on a half marathon
for next year

Heather made this with one of our pictures from the race


Thanks for running with me and introducing me into a new challenge in my life
May we stay blessed with good legs and health to continue