Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adventure Down Paths

I have went down many paths in my lifetime, and I must admit some I look back on and think what the hell did I do that for.  But that is what made me...ME !!!
I am 35 years of age a wife and mother.  
Being a mom is the best thing in the world. 
I LOVE IT and it is the best time of my life right now and what I have left in my years I need to make count...RIGHT?? 
I need to take care of myself and not let MY life get away from me. Or my health I must add.... Life is short... 
Time to get healthy and have energy...MOM TIME
So I found my mom time hitting the gym for classes in Febuary 2009...
Cardio Boxing, Riding Bikes, Weight class..etc..I mean really I deserve an hour of me time....Oh and did I mention the energy and the great feeling I had about myself so then I decided I wanted to do a I met a girl at the gym who wanted to run one and we signed up together......and we ran our first 5k October 2009..
When I finished that first race I was about in tears...
I felt so amazed at how far I made myself go and I accomplished a goal I set out to do...And I wanted to go further..
So I did my second 5k in December of 09 and beat my time by 6 min.  YAY!!!  I rocked...Oh did I mention it was cold can see my breath in the one picture...
I am now starting another new journey or path in life I guess you can say.

I go July 10th to start my certification process to teach spinning classes
This is a great workout...45 minutes and you can burn up to 800 calories...more or less depending on how hard you push yourself..
So this along with doing some hats and accessories to sell on etsy I think I have found a great path to follow.  At least when I sit to do my crafts I won't feel the 

So that is my adventure right now...I will keep you posted and fill you in when I teach my very first class in about 3 1/2 weeks...

Untill then Stay excited about Life and don't stick with one path.... 


  1. Good for you!! I am really struggling losing this c-section tummy and I gained so much this time around!! We don't have a good gym near us, but the baby and I walk daily at least. Good luck on your second path.

  2. :) Thanks girl....Its all about getting healthy and feeling good...
    Good luck to you as well....

  3. You go girl!!!! This post is very inspirational. :-)