Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Memories never fade and hopefully will never be lost.  What we hold in our hearts is there to stay.  Good or bad thoughts are there and brought up and thought about throughout your lifetime.  Some make you laugh and others will bring tears. 

I lost my dad October of 2006.  He was only  54 years old. 
My memories of him are pretty simple.  He worked all the time, Smoked like crazy...Loved his flip flops and  Loved to gamble..He also didn't care what he said to people.  He laughed alot and just went with the flow. 

I cannot believe it has been this many years already.  I bet even with the ciggerette prices rising he would still be smoking...And walking around with his oxygen tank...  :(
Have you ever looked at people's hands???  I do all the time and for some reason it seems like hands can tell a story.  My dads hands were rough and callased...firm and hard...Strong and Bold....But do you know when my son was born those rough hands looked soft and delicate when he was with Nathan...And it seems they could dance the day away
On fathers day and his birthday I would make something for him...A few times I got balloons and put them in his truck with a card I drew up....They would be sitting there when he left for work.  The first 2 years I would buy a balloon and let it go up in the air.  I stopped doing that.  He would tell me to quit wasting my money..ha!! 
Now I want to share a poem I wrote for him when I was 15 years old...It was a Father's Day present from me that many years ago.......

I wish my daddy a Happy Father's Day


  1. My father also was a heavy smoker and because of it he died early in life. He also had the calloused hands from working for a steel pipe factory, yet he was an awesome cook. Thank you for sharing this, it inspired me to do a post on my dad. He died in August so I will do it then. You made me cry, good tears though. No worries it is all good.

  2. :) ahhh so nice of you...My dad's best dish was his biscuits and gravy..he always fried bologna up with it and the smell lasted forever...Can't wait to read about your dad...:) smiles to you

  3. goodness...
    when you can reach out and touch others with your own emotions...
    that is powerful.

    i am certain your daddy loves you still :)