Thursday, June 3, 2010

Share a Craft Project...or 2

I have made many, many things throughout the years and I wanna share some of the other craftee items I have gotten into over the years...Items that I have made...Things that went through my mind and sucked up my imagination like a
This was a shower curtain I sewed together and stitched words in it like SOAP, SHAVE, TOWEL..etc.
I wanted that primitive look in my bathroom. I think it did the trick...

This was a rug I made...I loved this rug...I tore everything up I could find into long strips and tied them together and then crochet it all...My cat loved sleeping right in the middle.  It was very heavy.

My Favorite season is the Fall....LOVE IT!!!  I am a fan of crows and I decided to make lots and lots of crow items to put around my house....
I broke out the paint and painted this picture I seen on canvas and made a tag that read FALL and there it is...I don't remember where I seen this at...Had to have been in a magazine or Primitive web site I am sure.
I love looking through magazines and what I cannot afford to buy I like to come up with a way to make it myself VERY CHEAP....and then use it in my home some where....

These are my little candy corns I made and had all over my house....I am going to add these to my shop when fall is here....So be on the lookout in 3 months...:)

This is a quilt I made for my bed.  I was givin all kinds of fabric and decided I need to have a new look for the bedroom...Turned out great....Love it and will be putting it back on my bed when fall begins this year...

My Crows again...I drew these on wood and took my jigsaw and cut them out...then drilled a hole and added stakes and stuck them all over in my front yard...This year I am gonna add some sunflowers to I

Did I say I LOVE CROWS???? is a sign I made with an old piece of wood I found out at my grandmas....I screwed in a crow I cut out to add some charm...took crackle paint and did an old primitive looking star and sanded it down....turned out cute I think anyways...

Ok, So anyways where was I going with all this jibber/jabber????  Thinking of other things to make I guess...Looking for other ways to sell my hats and accessories.  So many sites out there. I just started a new shop on  Zibbet. 
 Tolduso on Zibbet if you care to check it out...(I hope you do) :)

Is your mind always wondering around?? 
Do you look for things to make that you can't afford and decorate your house????
Do you sell on other Web sites besides Etsy and have any luck??
Do you advertise anywhere else besides Facebook and Twitter??

I wanna venture out alittle farther.

Thanks for stopping over!!!!

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  1. Your crafting is very nice. I like your caps and hats very much. They are very innovating deigned.