Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dress Sexy with Etsy

So let's have a sexy date night with are significant other....and I found all kinds of goodies on Etsy to wear....I have ideas for whatever you are in the mood for..
Yes, I said Etsy...
Check out all these sexy items I found

Well I can go on and on with all these sexy things but I am gonna stop for this blog post..
I will continue to show items from are great Etsy shops and the craftee crafters around the globe...

Now plan your date night and get your sexy on...  ;)


  1. These are awesome!! Sometimes we forget how fun it can be to BE SEXY!!

  2. Thanks girl...:) We all need some sexy back in us...especially if you have kids...

  3. Love these Lisa !!!!
    Thanks for the feature my lovely cheeky fresh faced talented friend :)
    Have a wonderful successful crfeative Summer XXX

  4. :) Thanks Vicki you do the same...

  5. WOOHOO!! I was having this same thought this weekend, I DO NOT remember the last time hubby and I had a "date night!"

  6. I need one to...Its time to get my sexy back again..hahaha!!! kids or feels good!!!

  7. Date Night is a very important practice in a marriage or significant relationship...keeps things fresh and focused on the TWO of you!!! That's why HIDE A HEART is a great little way to keep a 'love note' in circulation. I think the Oh La La! HIDE A HEART would fit right into this 'sexy' grouping! Mon Dieu! Sizzle is good!

  8. Love it - sexy is good just hard to do with kids always there LOL
    Need some me time and hubby time real soon - thanks for the info on the great shop to get my Sexy-on!!!