Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Dress you up with Etsy Finds

Let's Play Dress Up

I was thinking hey I should just go through and do a whole outfit Etsy Style...
How fun..A head to toe outfit with all handmade items by creative artist all over the world.

So lets start it off with an everyday comfy outfit today......

 Ellem Bee has this great top and pair it up with

These awesome capri pants are from Cocoricooo

We need a  bracelet so I stopped over to
Lucy's Bead Studio and seen lots of great jewelry at great prices

Add a Great Bag from Blue Calla
This one is a hip bag...Keep them hands free....Then throw on

 some earrings....From

Add this big bold ring from
Elizabeths Exclusives and you are making a statement

Ok so now you must  dress your toes...
Tolduso has these great toe rings that will not hurt your toes and alot of  colors to choose from.

That was fun....hope you enjoyed...I will plan a date night outfit this month..and share with you...:)
Hope everyone has a great day...


  1. I love that shirt!!! Gorgeous!! Great post, it's a great reminder that there's so much variety on Etsy!! =)

  2. sorry I thought it was a whole new blog not just a new post....duh

  3. Great idea. Love that shirt.

  4. Thanks everyone....I think I will make it a regular thing...Just to show some differnt items for all ages and gender...
    And I agree, that shirt rocks...

  5. Thanks so much for including my earrings!

  6. Thank you Lisa so much for including my bracelet! Great blog post the purse and can't wait to get my toe rings! So excited!

  7. That shirt is super cool! You look like you had fun making an Etsy outfit. :-)

  8. Not a problem ladies...This was fun to do...but so many choices and shops..etc...but it is something I can do on a regular basis...Your toe rings are on there way leeanne...:) Libby that shirt does rock...I really think I need it..:)