Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Decorate Your Bathroom with Etsy Finds

Let's decorate our bathroom with Etsy

Did you know you can design your own shower curtain?
This great shop offers lots of fabrics to choose from and you can make that bathroom a great fancy room in your house.  Stop on over and visit:

Now you know you want to hang things on your walls and sit things around on shelfs.  
You also want to be differnt and unique.
 And have bright colorful things.
I always do anyways. And it is summer..We need bright!!! 

So I want to sit this beautiful mirror in my Etsy bathroom from:

On the wall I found this unique picture and I have to add it to my wall...
You can find this at:

I saw this snail and he must be on a shelf somewhere..He is perfect, He came from

Lets have a place to hang are towels. 

I found some cute hand towels at
has this amazing colorful rug

Add a cute shelf on the wall from

I think this is going to make a beautiful, bright and unique bathroom.
 stop on over and visit the shops and look around.
l love all these colors...Red and the Lime greens are my togo to colors this year.

**Thanks for stopping over and reading my blog.
have a great day and I wish everyone Happy Sales


  1. LOve it Lisa, what are you going to decorate next?

  2. hmmm....I don't know...have any suggestions..I am just a go with the flow whatever comes to mind kinda gal....We have lots of shops to work with...

  3. Thank you so much for sharing it.that's amazing!!
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