Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shout Out Fun

The Ladies from Something Crafty sent me a picture of themselfs wearing my bucket hats....They ordered not to long ago.

We have Tammy on the left and Airemy on the right
This is so great and extra nice of you 2 to take the time to do this...Thank you ladies so much...:) You look great and what a wonderful work space you have...Also read that the camera work was from a little 3 year old...:) What a great photographer to have around....Marlee has a career...:)

I hope you all Stop over and visit there etsy shop...Very craftee woman you 2 are...and what great personalites you have as well....

Shout out to another great etsy shop for you all to check out...Expressions of Faith This is a great shop with all kinds of items to choose from. They will supply your every need....:)

Also please stop over and visit there facebook page. they are trying to reach 700 fans Expression of faith on facebook
Shout Out to this shop .. It just opened in March this year....I am such a big cat lover, this shop is called Stupid Cats

They have some great unique faces of cats and use great colors in there artwork.

And one more Shout out for today is to Gia's bowtique What cute, cute items she has over there in her shop....Beautiful flowers and ribbons...

Not to mention the cute as can be model wearing the great listed items.

Thanks so much everyone for fanning Tolduso on facebook and also leaving great comments and also being a customer of my Tolduso Shop...

I wish all of your shops Happy Sales and glad to do a shout out of your shops.

I got my new business cards this past week and they turned out so great...I will have to add a pic on my next blog. I hope everyone has a great week....

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  1. Thanks Lisa for the shout out to my shop, Gia's Bowtique! I included your in my Treandy Gifts for Mothers day post! =)