Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am in LOVE

Yes it is true, I am in love with this book I got at the library yesterday.

I was on the search for I guess you could say INSPERATION of some sort. Well last night as I opened this book and flipped threw the pages. It just made me Happy!!!

Can a book make you Happy? Well I guess I know now that it sure can. Some of the pictures are amazing and it makes me want to redo my whole house, or better yet maybe go buy a bigger one....(that's not gonna happen) but the thought is for sure there.

I saw these curtains that I am gonna try to make in the next month.

I fell in love yes again "in love" with these as soon as I saw them.

Isint it the coolest for a kitchen???

Simple to make and what a statement.

Just says to custom fit a roman shade to your window and add cute fabric strips down the side.

To do the graphic design on the center of the shade, print out the letters and it says 1 per page and use the font that you want and like. For the silverware pictures

look around at differnt pictures you find untill you find the one you want to work with. (noncopyrighted) then simply enlarge the design on a photocopier and tape the patterns in place under the shade and trace the outline using a black fabric marker and shade as desired....

LOVE IT!!!!!

If anyone has done something like this please share some pictures with me...I would love to see how creative everyone is in decorating there homes.

This is another picture I love...just the bright colors make it so homey...

In the fall I go out and cut twigs down and place them in vases in my home....A very warm touch.

That red pillow with the painted flowers needs to be in my house right now...:) I might have to make that as well. I love the color red in a home. It seems as if you can add a touch of it anywhere and it just pops!!!

Well there are so,so,so many more great pictures in this book and I hope some of you might wanna check it out and see all the greatness inside. It has for sure got my attention and has inspired me to do a couple new projects in the house. I guess when I went looking for insperation all I had to do was find the right book....

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