Friday, April 9, 2010

I saw this hat and thought WOW!!! I really need to check this shop out...I stopped over and it just blew my mind how creative and unique this woman is...I am a friend to Lenore on facebook and she posted pictures of hats and has been very busy sharing some patterns. Please stop over and visit her etsy shop Strawberry Couture

Went to the park today with my son and his friend and we had a picnic and played on the playground awhile then went to feed the ducks some bread. It was so windy out that it made it cold out. A school feild trip musta been going on cuz all of a sudden 3 buses pulled up and tons of kids came walking around in a single file line. It got crowded...

I been making some hats this week and filling a couple orders.

I listed a couple new hats today and hope to have more new ones next week.

Paisley Love and Spring Bling

I will be working on more baseball type hats and a big brim sun hat. Can't wait to share them with you.
Stop on over and visit my Tolduso shop on etsy and look around.

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