Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Days

Sent out one of my cute pink crochet hats to the Clayton Valley Girlfriends Unlimited today.
Check out there facebook fan page and become a fan if you are not already.
Also check out there Bible Camp Site...Village Creek What a great place for your child to spend some time.

Also sending out an order for my chapstick keychains...You can order them in my shop on etsy...Tolduso....They are very handy to have.

On a differnt note my son got his yellow belt in karate this weekend. It was so cool to watch everyone do there thing for there next belt.

So much work...and a job WELL DONE...

I know this is a short and sweet...Just doing a quick update on things I am doing and gotta get to moving my butt...

Speak of moving my butt...I am doing Bootcamp workouts with my husband 2 times a week and it is so much fun...

I also started cardio boxing 3 weeks ago and now found out that they just started Zumba classes at my gym...

So I am doing my first Zumba Class on Thursday night...I am so excited to try it...Looks super fun

ok, so for now...hope everyone has a great week and remember to move your butt and get active and Happy Sales to all you crafters..:)

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