Monday, July 26, 2010

The Man in my Life

Well you know sometimes things have to be about someone else and this week it is all about my wonderful husband.  If you don't know anything about him he is a Golf Professional and very tall and handsome I must add...  :)   

His longest drive so far is 417 yards.... he can smack the shit outta a golf ball, it is so amazing to watch. He has been competing in The World's Long Drive Competitions for a few years now and last year he made it to the finals which is held in Mesquite, Nevada...
People from all over the world end up there competing....As in a typical competition you have stages you have to get threw before you end up at the big one.  And they then weed you out and get down to the number one hitter that year...
They play it on television around Christmas time every year.  We always sit at my grandma's house eating and watching it.  Last year we sat and was hoping you could see us in the stands
sitting and cheering...

My husband has made it this year again threw stage 1 and we leave this Friday for St. Louis to hopefully make it threw stage 2...

If he makes it we will be going on a journey again to Nevada in October...
This was last years sign...The dates are different this year..
The difference in this year compared to last year....He has been working out and eating right.  I am very proud of what he is doing and I know besides the benefits for a healthy body he is is also gonna make that swing of his even stronger than ever...
I hope everyone keeps there fingers crossed for my husband and we also take all the prayers we can get as well...

Untill my next post....Have a great week...

And I will keep my hubbs in practice mode....


  1. I know all about being a golf widow. :) But I love that my husband loves to play and it makes him happy. He takes our boys to play with him all the time. Congrats to you guys and I will keep my fingers crossed.

  2. widow...:) Thanks Leeanne...Thats great he takes the boys out to play...mine is not into the sport yet...but he is only 10...plenty of time for that...

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