Thursday, August 5, 2010

Been Awhile

Ok so we are back from our St. Louis trip.  It was a fun little getaway.  My husband made it to round 6 then got knocked out by 4 yards.  So he thinks he is done for this year in trying to compete for the Long drive.  Will focus on getting stronger and healthier...which is a win win case...and try again next year...

We went to visit the Arch in St. Louis and it is amazing wow...This is the Mississippi River behind us...They had a museum and theaters below it and we watched a documentary on how it was made and it made me queezzeee....its like way high and took them over 2 years to build the thing...And not one of the 13 men got injured or died...yay!!
I thought that was amazing in itself.

So on a differnt note I teach my very first official spinning class tonight...I have been getting ready all day thinking of what I am going to do in class..

I have also been making scarfs,cowl,cuffs,and new hats to add to my shop...
Here is a couple to show you
I just got an order for 2 baby blankets I am going to start on this weekend.   The woman's friend is having twins in 3 weeks and its gonna be a boy and a perfect is that..
This is the hat set she ordered from me the other day.

ok well I am gonna continue to create and will keep you posted with my new and upcoming items and adventures...:)

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