Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let's be Kind Etsy Finds

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So my son and I were watching this Hallmark movie called
The Colt.
It was during war time back in the days and death was all around these men fighting. So happens a young man's horse has a colt and he is supposed to shoot it..but cannot find it in him to do so.  And all the other men cannot do it either.
So they keep this colt. 
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The young man gets lost along the way and finds a small house with a wonderful family that help him out for the night. 

They feed and water the horses and the wife makes a wonderful dinner and they sit at the table eating and the words and the way they spoke were like foreign language to me. 
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They said please and thank you.  They said yes sir, and yes mam. The children had respect not only for the adults but for each other as well. 
Everyone sat and listened never interrupting people when they were talking. 
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They asked and didn't have to be told over and over. 
I actually felt and had feelings watching this movie and my son made a comment and said wow, momma you don't hear people talk like that anymore they sound weird.  I then said yes you are right people anymore just say go get this and hey asshole...
Life through the lens on etsy has this amazing 8 x 10

But even a 10 year old realized what people today act like.  I know we will never go back to them times.  But what an eye opener and realizing that back then they worked extra hard for everything they had and with plenty of respect and manners and even sharing.  And today we are rude and spoiled and there is so much greed and hatred and want.  
Manners got pushed away and forgotten.

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A family loves and helps one another out and now they hate one another because one might have more than the other or one gets this and the other don't. 

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I don't understand what the world is coming to and all the hate
people have in them.  It is very sad. 
I just hope at least some of us mind our manners and teach it to our children.  Let's not let manners slip away.

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