Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tolduso Work Shop

Before carpet and cabnets..We hung new drywall and painted.

I have been working on my workspace for awhile.  It is in our basment and it was cold and dreary looking..We got carpet last year and that makes it so cozy and might I say a tad bit warmer....... I just got some cabnets from my brother and painted them white and my husband helped me hang them. I added a long piece of thin board to make the countertop untill I save enough money to buy one...In the cabnets I have paint, glue, brushes and books and all kinds of other items I just wanted to hide away.

I have many hobbies I realized when I was trying to organize.  I also love to scrapbook and have stickers and card stock and all them goodies you use for that.  So I dedicated the back wall to my scrapbooking stuff.  I have my son's things pileing up from the school years and I really need to get caught up on my books. 

The one wall I have my sewing area...ribbons and buttons, thread, fabric...and of course my good ol' sewing machine.  On that wall I have the beautiful quilt I won from The Hillbilly House Wife.  It brightens my day when I look at it.

I try to display my hats and scarfs and all that other good stuff on the long wall...Under the table I have boxes and clothes basket full of hats I have made up.  My stock piles I guess you can call them...And yes I know my hanging manniquin needs some clothes just havent gotten around to her yet...Still a work in progress...I have been making scarfs, cowl necks, shrugs and other items for the up coming fall season and she will be dressed warm here shortly..

Well that is pretty much it...I hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Tolduso work space and see where I do all my crafting......well not all...I do all of the crochet items up stairs watching tv and all the yarn and supplies are in the living room...

I want to share a video we took last year of my cat carrying a whole thing of yarn up the basement steps.
This was before are carpet and new drywall was hung so don't mind the mess..
Still to this day she will carry items up from the basement and leave them on the living room floor by
my chair.  And she will meow really loud untill we say good girl and thank you..Some mornings we wake up and there are hats and yarn in a trail from my chair thru the kitchen...I keep filling the basket in the basment full so she has something to do all her...:)

Enjoy..Sorry it gets dark at the top of the steps and you cant see her
but you get the idea...Animals Rock...


  1. I love your workspace, I'm deeply love that quilt and your cat is great, I don't think I'll train my two to do that though, they already think they can crochet xx

  2. I love your workspace~especially that hat display! I continue to be impressed with your multi-talents. You've even made a photo quilt! And the music on your blog is fun too. I just read your profile again, and I still say we are very much alike. Would love to meet you someday. But I'm a loner too, and would be all nervous about it in person, LOL

  3. What a great workspace. I really need to work on mine. I'll post about it when I'm done, but don't hold your breath; it might be a while! LOL

  4. Thanks Ladies for the wonderful comments. Violet I bet your cats are great at
    Hillbilly how fun would it be for us loners to get together..hehe..u know we would build
    Libby cant wait to see your workspace..i am seeing were people create there things..

  5. Love it! Our basement is not finished but our home was built in the 70's so it is not terrible. But it gets so cold in the winter. In the summer it is awesome nice and cool. Do you have heat? Your cat is so funny:)Reminds me of my dog when I do laundry she carries a sock down to the basement for me. lol

  6. Yes, this is how I pictured it...a modern funky take on the old haberdashery! Just beyond cool...
    I am sure you are simply loving the space!

  7. You lucky girl,love your workshop.I've started blogging myself and have added your blog to mine,hope thats ok,best wishes,Valerie