Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pick your Favorite Name

What shall we name you my sexy new employee
My sexy new male employee needs a name and so I have asked you all to come up with some names and I will pick the top 4 that I like best....So I have done that and here are my top 4 picks..

1.  Romeo

2.  Carter

3.  Derek

4.  Dirk   

Please take just a moment and leave a comment here or on my facebook fan page with the name you like the best.  I will then tally up the votes and name my employee on saturday.  The winner will recieve a headband any size/color...I will crochet it and ship it out to them....

Thanks so much to everyone for helping me out...:) 


  1. I hadn't read any of the other names suggested, but when I first saw him, I thought "Dirk", so that's my vote. I like Carter too.

  2. has to be Carter!

  3. LOL...yeah
    Carter, I can't believe that but yes, I pick Carter too :)