Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some New Stuff

First off, I bought 2 beautiful pairs of earrings last week from a shop that is celebrating there 1 year annee with Etsy.

Congrats to you Lucy's Bead Studio

To share with us on this great celebration they are offering free shipping untill May 15th.
This is another pair I bought...Simple and cute to wear everyday.
I hope you stop on over and check out there great jewelry.  Here are a couple more in there shop I thought I would share with you.


I don't know why but I couldn't get the links to go with the pictures...so I had to put them under...Looks weird I know...I will get my friend at The PineCone Tea Cup to help me...she is my computer helper...lol

I added a couple of new items to my shop last week....Stop on over and check out my Visor/Scarfs. 

These are some examples...I have differnt fabrics and more to come so stay tuned.  They are great to have and you can stuff them anywhere...Always have one handy to keep the sun outta your face.  I also have added some cute hats. 

I had my first international sale 2 days ago.  One of my bucket hats got shipped to London.  I would have never thought I would of ever sold any hats let alone to ship one overseas...:)  (so blessed)

Well this is short and sweet...but I wanted to share some stuff..


  1. Thank you Lisa, this the 1st time I have been featured in a blog. Well...except for mine, lol. Thank you and I hope you get lots of wear out of your earrrings! :0)

  2. :) Love them...I may just be a repeat shopper...:)