Friday, May 14, 2010

Beauty makes the world Calm

We have lived in our home for 6 years now and have lots of places to grow things.
I bought this rose bush for $3.00 at a Big Lots located in are area when we moved in.
It has given me beautiful roses every year.  And the smell is amazing.  I think if you stare at it you will go off into a far away quiet zen world...(untill the loud truck goes bye and shifts gears to the next stop sign)

A few of my flowers I have dug up a start from my great-grandmas house and love when they bloom.  It reminds me of what a great person she was and how everyone would gather around to see her and listen to all of her wonderful stories.  (she passed away at 95) about 7 years ago now.

This beautee is almost ready to show us its love.  I will update a picture on my next blog to show you all what it looks like in full bloom...Amazing creatures should I call these beautiful living plants.  God has givin us beauty in so many ways and today I am seeing and sharing the beautee in my flower gardens.

  This little garden I started in an old wheel barrel...I need to pick the now gone tulips below..but this time next year those plants shall be flowing over the side..(I hope)

I do know that these are called Hens and Chicks....and they multiply pretty fast as well...Pretty cool when you get the tall one that is the male and thats how they fertilize (i guess)  lol

I dug some of these up and placed them in a few pots and sat them in the front of my house...I am thinkn they might be called poppies...(but not 100% sure on that) 
They are gonna bloom here in the next few days as well..I cant wait..

I hope to see my flower gardens grow and grow thru the years...they are calming to me.
  I love to enjoy the new blooms and the fragrance in the air when my roses open. 

I hope to have inspired you to plant flowers and make a small flower garden for yourself.

Maybe a thought would be to
Plant a beatiful tree, flower or memory of someone special and when it blooms every know why..
and maybe just maybe you will smile (even if it is small)


  1. What a wonderful plant and to see renewed beauty in her honor...

    Thank you ever so very much for bringing me here :)