Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free your Mind

A morning I did not want to do anything but lay down...I had been sick and not feeling very energetic.

I had told my husband the night before
"why don't we go for a nice bike ride in the morning"

Well it was morning and I was thinking to myself why did I even say that to him last night..

I don't want to go for a bike ride..I am tired and don't have any energy to even pedal.

I am thinking all of this as my husband loads are bikes up in the back of my truck. 
Stuck my foot in my mouth this time didn't I.

So I tied my shoes and pulled my hair back and off we went to the park to ride the 8 mile trail.

It started off fine and the fresh air was great, and the birds were singing and flying all over the place.  We even seen some small catepillars crossing the bike trail..

So I kept thinking to myself..

(self, you really need to just chill and relax and think of all the calmness around you right now)


And so that is what I did...I forgot about the house and the laundry and me not feeling good and sucked it up and enjoyed the beautiful blue sky and the big puffee white clouds and I was surrounded by this picture perfect scenery that God had created for us to enjoy.

Tho he was way ahead of me because I would take pictures he waited for me close to the end of the trail...

And along are 8 miles there were lots of folks walking, jogging, rollerblading, etc...
I wonder what all them folks were thinking as they did this trail.
I hope it was all happy thoughts.

That was a great morning and I am glad I asked my husband if he wanted to go for a bike ride..
In the end it is nice to stick your foot in your mouth every once in awhile..

My mind was free


  1. Wow, it does sound very invigorating and relaxing and good all rolled into one! What a lovely view. :-)

  2. wasnt in the beginning...I really did not want to go...:)