Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shout Outs...

I have been doing alot of Link Love since last Friday and I have come across some amazing shops and crafters...I don't link love as much as I should and I had gotten way behind...So I took the weekend and everytime I sat down I just went to town and came across so many items and talent.....oh and got caught up..

I do shout outs every now and then and I just wanna give a quick shout out today...and I will share more later down the road......Please don't pay attention to all my spelling mistakes.....I know there is a spell check but I don't wanna mess with it.... :) ok...

First up is Blue Calla

Oh my goodness her bags are so unique and colorful...I hope you stop over and visit...I have my eye on her and will be making a purchase real soon.  The bright bold fabrics she uses are to fantastic.  She has added new clutches to her shop as well...

Another shout out goes to Beanz Beads

Can you say Beautiful with a capital B...Stop on over and visit her shop..very unique beads and looks on her jewelry.  fantastic work...

My Mothers Garden is my next shout out and a great place to visit this time of year...I stopped over and fell in love with all the great unique items they have....Talk about making your garden pop on
your block...everyone will be slowing down to take a peek... 

My last shout out for this blog goes to Chrissys Creations

She is just opened her shop in March...I hope you stop on over and check out her items..
Very cute unique things in her shop as well..

I hope you all enjoyed the shout outs and find something that jumps out at you...
Let's support Handmade and the artist behind the crafts..

Have a great rest of the week and be safe.

Happy Sales


  1. I just love Chrissys shop, such cool frames! Am going to check the other shops now :)

  2. amazing talent these lovely peeps have...
    I just went over and made a purchase with Blue Calla...I have had my eye on her shop....
    Thanks for stopping by my blog ladies...:)

  3. Lovely stuff, thanks for sharing!

    I particularly like the photo frames, they are fab!


  4. Creations by Chrissy ArvanitisMay 27, 2010 at 12:12 AM

    OMG!!! Lisa, I can't believe you did this! !!! Thank you so much, you have been so good to me. I did open my shop in March but the first item I listed was 15 May. I took a while to get 'with it'. LOL! Thank you for everything xxxxx By the way I love the way you are the one posing in all of your photos with your hats!!! So Cool!

  5. Thanks SO much for sharing my jewelry!! What a cool blog you have! I haven't started one clue how to begin one. I really do love your hats! I've always had a hat fetish and have more than I actually wear, but I have my eye on several of your hats!! ;.)

  6. Lisa, What a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much for including me on your list of shout outs! You just made my day. : )


  7. Thanks for all the kind comments....It was an honor to shout out to your all are so nice and have beautiful work...

    I wish you happy sales

    And Wendy I wish you luck in blogging..I didn't have a clue about it eaither and it has taken some time to get used to it...just go to blogger and start an account...take a day and browse others and see what you can come up with...;)