Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Peek in at my New Kitchen

As you know I have been redoing my home  a little at a time this year...
I am showing you my kitchen pictures...Please remember that it is not complete yet...I am still in the process of finishing it I move from room to room I get side tracked very easy...

I love the primitive look and that is what I have had in my home for most of my 6 years here....I have been all over blog world and just fell in love with all the bright and white rooms out there...So here is my kitchen before and after....I do still need trim up all over and I need to add my shelf's in the open space above the sink....I am also just playing around with the items on top of the cabinets....
The chalk board paint back splash went bye bye...I was lucky enough to find a FREE sheet of Beadboard at my work they were wanting to get rid my new back splash is bead board...which I LOVE....oh and the trim...FREE they had that stashed in a corner in the laundry room and my friend Heather helped me load it up and delivered it...(Thank you Heather)
So one of my favorite items I have was found in my grandmas garage...just sitting out there rusting away and it just had my name on it...I love this scale....the arrow part is missing from the poor thing but that is OK...It adds character...
So as we go for walks out at my grandmas house we often find some interesting finds....2 of these antlers were found out at her house and 1 my husband found on his golf course....I love the look and have seen them in other blogs and decided to bring mine out and display them....
I do need to work on how I display things but you get the idea...

Here is another shot of before and after

It is just so much brighter and relaxing looking....don't mind the lamp on the floor and things just sitting out.....I just took some quick pictures to show you what I been working on....(the lamp is getting spray painted white this week)  shhhhhhh, don't tell  Do you like my table over under the window or against the wall better??    Should I paint the sideboard??  I am really considering it...what color should I paint it??  

I got my new stove last week...YAY.....I have had an
old rusted cream black dirt stove since we moved
into this house and have been wanting a new stove...
Again please don't mind the mess...(the cans of paint sitting in the corner)

I also have molding to add and just threw some of my decor up to get
it out of the way....
please feel free to leave me some ideas on were to place things...I would love that
as I said before I am just learning how to display items...
I have so much more but my kitchen is SO small....

I will be crocheting some long rugs to put on the floors and the kitchen
table is gonna get painted white as soon as the
weather breaks and I can take it out and sand it really good...

Well Thanks for stopping over..please leave me some comments and ideas....I would love to hear what you think...yes I know I need some valances to...:)  so much to do...


  1. Lovely! Nice clean lines, just like your blog! great job!

  2. i love it - nice work - wanna come over here now ?!?!? My hubby loves tearing down walls (i do too) but now i have no walls to hang anything up :(
    i love the scale!!! SUPER job - really come over

  3. Your new kitchen looks gorgeous! I love it.
    If it was me, I would put the table b the window. I love a window to sit by....and would make the area in front of the fridge less congested when people were sitting there.

    You could paint the table tourquiose...or even a whitewashed red to match that awesome scale....

    have fun!

  4. Love it! Like you said -- so much more relaxing! Wanna come and (help me) do mine now? LOL

  5. I love color and am not crazy about all white but I have to say I think the white makes all of your great finds really POP! I really like it!

    I would go with the table under the window. Cause you can sit and look out it. Centered under it if possible.

    Oh! and I never noticed the mess until you pointed it
    And I agree with the turquoise or weathered red color for the side board.

    Great job!! Love it!!

  6. Thanks so much all the ideas....if I lived closer i would come help you all that needed

  7. You've been working really hard....Love the White on White....looks fresh and crisp and it's so easy to just add a "dash" of color, whenever you want. I have the same stove!! Your black table looks better against the wall.

    Thanks for sharing and Good luck with your redo....

  8. I absolutely love your kitchen redo. The white just makes everything that falls against it pop. Crisp, clean lines. I love that. You know I actually like the black table because it ties in with your countertops. If you don't paint it you could always add layers of colors with linens or a pair of placemats, seat cushions.

  9. Love your new kitchen,please dont paint your lovely sideboard,it looks great with white

  10. If you touch that sideboard I will personally be forced to kick your a$$!!! That thing is so gorgeous up close and doesn't need a thing!! LOL!!

  11. LOL.....dont paint the sideboard...I hear you know Libby I think that is a great idea to just leave the table black and dress it up....(less work to) :) Thanks for all your comments..and advice..

  12. looks wonderful! I agree with tolduso not to paint the sideboard.