Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green with Envy

 did you know that Green is my favorite color?
Well now you do
I love green I mean really there are so many differnt shades of green
I actually had every room in my house painted a differnt color green last year...
yep I love green that much...

Did you know that Green is refreshing and relaxing
and represents growth and security...

If you have time stop on over go visit this blog

  Look at some of these beautiful Greens...I hope you enjoy
 Thank you so much for these 2 beautiful pictures..
Tennis anyone?  This is so bright and cheery and
I just want to take this picture and stare at it and dream of green.

Oh but look at this picture below....I am loving the green as an accent color don't you?
and HELLO that lamp shade is killer....take the knife out of me...
which one do you like best...the top picture or the bottom???

Over at Fresh Home
 I found an article on 10 ways to bring green into your decor..
I borrowed the next 2 pictures from that site to show you..

oh what a bedroom...do you like stripes??  Is this a bedroom for you??
If you love this bedroom LOOK at this room

 WOW...and I really want those lights hanging from my ceiling...
and hello do you see the trees on the walls??
I have always wanted one of those on my wall and will try it some day...
I know there are a few shops over on Etsy that sell them..

Here is one for you to check out
Designed Designer

If you are looking for a couple small green accessories you can always check out
Target that is were I found these items

 I hope you enjoyed...


  1. Oooohhh.... I love those off shades of green!!

  2. :)) ooo me to....love em all....such a happy color