Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ink it to you

So when you get some ink work done it is there to stay and costly to change

If you were to get a craft tattoo what would you get??
I am on the look for a new tattoo for myself but think I am going more towards
nature like an old tree but then I came across these really cool
Crafty Tattoos...
what do you think??

I found these on

I could see myself get one with yarn because I do love to crochet and make things
and it was one of the many things my grandma taught me how to do when I was a little girl..
I love the one with her name on it...

I found these next pictures over at

I really love this one with the different color threads

This is cute and simple

So  if you were to get a crafty tattoo what would you get?
and were would you get it?

I found this beauty over at

Now these next couple pictures are from
they are actually Embroidery designs but I seen them and thought they would
be cool as tattoo art as well and just thought I would share them with you..

don't you think they are cute?

Do  you have any tattoos?
What do you have?
How many?

I have 3 myself...and plan on getting more
but now they must have a meaning not just a turn 18 and get it done..

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...I sure did...


  1. I LOVE the butterfly in the hand. It's amazing, and I've never seen a tat like it. Just awesome.

  2. love that skull and cross-needles! too funny.
    I have one, something near and dear to me, so perfectly placed near my heart. I has my favorite colors and favorite flower indigenous to the place hubby is from and where our first home was and where we started my family. hubby has a matching one. Just one of his many.
    I want another one carefully chosen, and I won't speak of it until I get it. :)

  3. Thanks so much for leaving a comment ladies...let us see when you get your new ink...I wanna see..:))