Sunday, February 27, 2011

LOVE to Turquoise

So I been looking around of course
because you know I
 am always changing things in my home
and I have been adding touches
of Turquoise in my living room for this year...

Well I just happened to come across this
amazing Blog and have found some beautiful pictures 
I so needed to share with you

Like this awesome mirror... I want it
how unique is this....I must say I loved every picture in this blog
The Chandelier in the
picture below is BEAUTIFUL
 and I am so in love with the color grey
and using it with the turquoise and the
blues and whites...LOVE IT
Did you know there is a shopping blog for

yes, yes....go shop and browse
oh please can I have this kitchen....I am a good girl....does this look relaxing to you?
I feel relaxed just staring at the picture and imagining myself in an apron
of Turquoise of course and maybe some ruffles and singing in
a dream

Speaking of about resting in this bedroom
and hello how cool are these light sconces....VERY COOL

So I have fallen in love with this blog

Do you see why??

Here is the facebook link to if you would like to be a follower and also
here is the Twitter Link

Beautiful Blog with Inspirational Pictures everywhere you click
Also remember The Pine Cone Tea Cup is hosting a giveaway
for me on her blog stop over and enter...winner will
be drawn on March 11th


  1. Toni at adds turquoise accents in her home too.

    As you redecorate, you might also enjoy these blogs: and Just found these blogs recently.

  2. :) Thanks so much Libby.....will check em out....I love looking at pictures and getting ideas.....

  3. Gorgeous! I've another friend who recently bought an older house. Had a GREAT vintage turquoise range, and that set her off running. I think you'll enjoy her blog (see the second post down) for kitchen pics. I now completely relate turquoise to her! LOL

    DANG! Love the music here on your blog, and there's an Enya selection playing now that makes me wonder why the HELL I haven't listened to her in such a long time! XOXO

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing my blogs!! I'm so glad you loved these rooms as much as I did!

  5. LOL...thanks so much Diane Eve, I will go check out that blog now...I love finding new places to look for insperation.....and Enya rocks...hope you find them back in your music selection again...:)) Thanks for stopping over Erin...I just love your blog...