Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Family Fun Project

This winter is a winter to remember all across the states


Oh, did I say Snow!!!

I went walking in the park with my husband the other day and
the big ol' lake is all frozen over...

Not frozen enough to walk or skate on but look at this beautiful shot I took with my cell phone....
Now to me this looks so peaceful...
Like the world is taking a break and
everything is at rest...

Hibernation that is the word I am looking for...

The wind was blowing hard against our faces as we walked around the lake...

We then came across a bird feeder filled with goodies for all the beauties with wings...Beautiful Cardinals were sharing with the Blue Jay and a surprise there were 2 Wood Peckers....How cool was that...I tried to get a picture but the little devils flew away as I walked up closer so my cell phone could get a great pic...
Well this got me to thinking of my next blog post...
I am going to find some fun family bird food recipes we
can make at home really cheap and take outside
and tie on a tree or like this picture I found
which kinda looks like a clothes line post or maybe
it is a bird feeding post...

Look at all these yummy
treats hanging around for our friends with wings...
This picture I found at LandCharm a beautiful blog you should check out

Ok so I found some recipes over at Life 123

Homemade Bird Food Recipe
1 pound suet
2 cups oats
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup thistle seed
½ cup crushed nuts

Bring suet to room temperature. Mix all ingredients together and place in suet holder. Hang in back yard on a branch, away from the house. Store excess in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Homemade Organic Bird Food Recipe


1 cup organic peanut butter
1 cup organic seed mix
1 cup organic oats
6 large pine cones

String, twine or ribbon

Tie a length of string, twine or ribbon around each pine cone, leaving a loop for hanging. Mix ingredients together, then press into pine cones. Hang pine cones from trees.

I found another recipe at Ehow as well as the cute picture here...

Peanut Butter Wild bird Food

Things You'll Need to make this:

2 Cups cornmeal or stale dry cereal
Warm water
2-3 Cups wild bird seed
Raisins or chopped nuts
Medium saucepan
One 9x13 pan or several smaller pans
Foil or plastic wrap
String or twine

1. Measure the peanut butter into the saucepan.
Place it over medium heat
and stir continually until the peanut butter
is completely melted.

2.  Crush cereal into crumbs using a food processor,
blender or rolling pin if you are using cereal for the bird food.
Add the cereal (or cornmeal) to the peanut butter.
Stir well until completely coated

3.  Add warm water one tablespoon at a time,
stirring after each spoonful. Only add enough to
create a stiff dough. Add bird seed and raisins,
nuts or any combination of same,
stirring thoroughly again.

4.  Place mixture into pan (or pans) and pack in well.
Cover the pan with foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

5.  Slice into pieces that you can tie string or twine around,
and hang them from trees or other bird-friendly places in your yard.

I hope you will try one of these with your little ones or even just you make some and
set outside for all the friends with wings....

Sit at your window and see how many different birds come visit your feeder...

you will be the hottest restaurant around with your homemade goodness...

Stay Warm and Try to enjoy what is left of old man winter

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