Sunday, January 2, 2011

"I Do" all over again

January 4, 2005
I said "I Do" to an amazing man that came into my life.

At the courthouse in downtown Cincinnati we got married with
his parents,my grandma and of course Nathan there to witness.

The Bed and Breakfast we stayed at on our wedding night was called 
Chocolate covered strawberries were waiting on the bed when
we arrived...along with a beautiful gift basket...
The smell of the place was a Carmel coffee walnut something...

we went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon and might I say
how young we looked
This is us taking a quick picture at The Grand Oak Golf Course close to were we live..
we would use his day off which is almost every Monday and we would go golf 9 holes..
Oh...St. Louis you caught us kissing....
Many adventures we have taken in our 6 year journey..
and I am looking forward to many more...
Chicago was beautiful and fun....Next time we shall eat some of there famous pizza..

A date, really yes a date night..walk downtown over the bridge and
went to Go Bananas comedy club..I love to laugh...

And of course us and a great camping and fishing trip...

This was Thanksgiving 2010
Many smiles and hugs to my best friend

Nevada 2009

I am so not the mushy, lovey, dovee type girl...I don't like to show or say how I feel...
I love this man with all my heart and just wanted to share our smiles with you all...

May we be blessed with many more healthy happy years together my wonderful husband..

Happy Anniversary

and now
I shall leave you all with a Kiss....
Utah State Park 2009


  1. What a sweet story! <3 You're a lucky couple! Happy Anniversary!

  2. :) Thanks so much Miss Rebecca...

  3. Oh how sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Awww congratulations you two....And I'm loving the look of that Bed and Breakfast x