Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update in my world...

I guess to you folks that follow me I am so very boring...If I am on the computer it is in short spurts...
We have the bathroom almost completed now just some trim work left and a few more tiles to add then we are gonna reglaze the bathtub and done...(with that room anyways)

So on a different subject...Last year I started working out and getting healthy and had lost 20 lbs...I was a short chubby chunk...(who loved her cold beer every night...)lol....through all that weightloss and working out and eating right I found that I love the way it makes me feel...

So to push myself I did my first 5k race with a friend and ran it in 43 min and some odd seconds...f="

I then did another one and beat my time and ran it in 37 min...I am now on a mission to beat that time come this spring...
Those of you who do not know I found out at Christmas I was pregnant and at 7 weeks found out the baby was not forming and nothing was there so I was due to have a miss carry...(its ok) I am grateful I was not 6 or 7 months along and it happened. I was only 12 weeks along when it finally ended. So to make a long story short I was such an emotiional roller coaster and my body was just tired and I did nothing...Now with all this behind me I am on a mission again to improve my body and my time in running my next 5k...My husband told me he would like to run with me my next time so we are now preparing for it...
I will for sure keep everyone posted with my weightloss as well as my diet...I look back at my so sad pre diet face and glad I finally woke up...My Before Face...This is my face after 20 weeks
and you all know my face now..:) untill I write again I hope everyone enjoys these warm sunny days and takes care of there self...Life is good even if we have to skip the cheesburger and beer every once in awhile...:)


  1. Well...GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
    This is such a remarkable turn around...good luck in your race :)

    Your before and afters are fab...and you def. sure sport a brighter smile!! :)

  2. ps i am visiting your etsy store tonight...i am a muse with a plan!