Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time Well Wasted

Have you heard that song by Kenney Chesney...Time well wasted??? It is one of my all time favorite songs and I listen to the words It makes me think of alot of times that I am so greatful for...Today is one of them...
As I have construction projects going on in my house and lots of things to do..I took the afternoon and me and my son went out to visit my grandma...
We went for a walk in the woods and down by the creek and the sound and sight of the snow melting was beautiful...The creek was full of water and we stood and listened to the quiet nature around us and the spring life that is creeping upon us...
There are buds growing on the trees...the water made a loud relaxing and very calming noise as it rolled down over the rocks and debre that was in its path...My grandma who is 81 years old talked of making snow cream in her young days...they didn't have much money at all so they would collect snow and add cream and sugar and some vanilla and that was a big thing to them...

No matter all the things I have on my to do list...It will always be there and full of things to do...My grandma and my son will not...To learn and listen today was a day that I will never forget and it will make me smile.

Peaceful Beautiful Time Well Wasted


  1. Time well wasted indeed!
    Love this blog post....
    Everything...the nature, the doggy and the smiles!

  2. Awesome post! You are right...that is time well wasted! Enjoy!

  3. I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. Details are on my blog: