Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Great News

Well I have had a great weekend...My son beat his old score in his bowling league and created a new high score for himself...that was so awesome...He also got his white belt in karate class this weekend as well...He was a busy boy.

My Tolduso shop on etsy sold 2 items this weekend. My first ever reversable hat and the Classic Black and White. I also got 2 custom orders to make. All that is very great news for me.
That was exciting.

I added Chapstick Holding Keychains to my shop. 2 for $5.00

I can make most colors and will add cute little buttons to the front of them. All buttons will be differnt and not be like in the pictures.

I just finished a custom order for someone and posted it the colors she picked out for me to make...chartruse green, cranberry and teal...These come in a set of 3 and I can make most colors...great item to push that hair back off your face when running around or working out...or maybe a cute spring/summer dress...

Doing a couple shout outs and I want to include By Your Side If you have not became a fan of there facebook page stop on over and pay it a visit and leave your links. Also stop on over and visit the etsy shop...Click on the picture and it will take you right to it...

Another fan page and shop I would LOVE to share is Blue Cala
They have these great bright purses and bags and even more to check out as well...Very Bright and Springee...Just click on the picture and it takes you right to there shop..

I hope everyone has a great week and please dont pay attention to all my miss spelld words...:)


  1. I am LOVING the Chapstick Holding Keychains and the Set of 3 Headbands of course!!
    Thank you SO much for the shout-out!! That is really sweet of you!
    I am grabbing your new blog button and your etsy button for my blog while I am here!!

    ~Michele from By Your Side

  2. :)Thanks Michele I love your work...