Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going Away

Its a job getting everything ready for a trip....whats the weather going to be like? What do I pack...did I remember to turn the coffee pot off....oh no toothpaste!!!!

...We are leaving for an adventure to Disney World...disney world Pictures, Images and PhotosMy son is so excited...a journey with the inlaws....5 days of exploring and smiles...making memories to last a life time...Thats what life is all about isint it....And a stop at the ocean to take it all in...I can already smell the salt in the air...
salt Pictures, Images and

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  1. Ahhhh Disney World...Being a Florida Native(now living on Kauai, HI) I "grew up" in Disney World...I miss the awe and wonder I still get when I'm in the Magic Kingdom - There's something special about experiencing that fantastical place when you're a kid, then going back as an adult...Have a gr8 time, cre8 many happy memories with your family and kiss Pooh for me ;D...xoxo Dava