Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be Original

I look at all these great crafters and there shops and see amazing items from all over....I sit back and wonder why in the world did I not think of that...(then laugh)

I read a horrible story about an Etsy seller that sold one of her items and the buyer hated it and had nothing nice to say about it. So the seller refunded them there money and the item was then returned....Come to find out that the buyer of that item copied it and started making the same item and selling it in there shop....WOW, is what I thought when I was reading that..Did anyone else read it? Or have you heard horrible stories like this? Please share...

In a world where being orginal and having your own ideas is far and few. Its sad to think that someone would do something so horrible. And I do believe in u????


  1. ...awful...
    this is the greatest risk a writer has...
    do we put the quill to parchment...and let breathe on the blog?

    or do we simply write snippets...
    and never truly let the art come to life...

    a risk...a gamble...

    a heart wrenching choice.

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  2. you rock! I've read that same story, it's terrible, and I agree, I would be crushed if I realized someone was copying what I did. It's one thing to compete as a seller, and another to take credit where it is not do.
    However, as stated in the comment above mine, I suppose it's a risk you take as an artist... sad, but true.

  3. I definitely believe you reap what you sow in life! People who do horrible things like this only prosper for so long. Still, it's terrible, adding insult to injury the whole saying they didn't like the product and wanting a refund? Can we say gall? SOME people!

    Love the blog!

  4. Holy SMOKES!! That seriously takes nerve!! I hadn't read that, but sadly I wasn't that surprised either. KARMA, KARMA, KARMA I am a big believer, you reap what you sow!
    Grabbing your bog button while I am here!!
    By Your Side