Friday, October 21, 2011

My Warm Me Up Drink

Where did the summer go?
I have been so busy the past 2 months with school starting back up and
getting items made for the craft shows that I neglected the house and the yard and
before I could blink the leafs are turned and now blowing off the trees 2 by 2 at a time...

It was so windy outside the past couple of days it could take your breath away or
like me just put your body in shock..

I do love the temps of 60 and 70 and I love Fall it is my favorite time of year
but when the weather starts to get a little cooler I always go to my favorite drink
to warm my bones up...

Do you have a favorite drink? 
it can be non-alcholic that's ok but for me, mine is
full of

So do you wanna know what I drink to get me warm and toasty?

This is my version of a Hot Toddy
yep a hot you know about this drink?? 

I think many people do because it is a drink you need when you are sick with the flu
or a bad cold...

My grandma would swear by it and when I got sick she
came down with her Seagrams 7 and honey, lemon juice and tea bags and would
make me her powerful

I would sweat and after the 2nd one I didn't care what hurt on my body anymore...
But the more I sweat the more blankets she put on my body because she said you need to
sweat this out of your system...good times  :)

Well on a better note I am not sick but love the hot tea and alcholic beverage LOL
so this is how I make my drinks to warm me bones..

I think if you are sick to use whiskey, honey, lemon juice and make it the old fashion way tho...

But for my go to drink this is my baby

mmm yes this stuff is gold in my house....Barenjager is a Honey liqueur

I make me a hot cup of tea like usual and add 1 or 2 shots of this and alittle milk
stir it up and sit and watch tv and in no time I am no longer

yes I recommend you try it...It is around $26.00 a bottle
I have tried cheap brands and there is no comparison at all so don't waste your money

If your gonna drink it do it right

So go ahead and hit the liquor store and get you a bottle and if you dont like it
I will send you my address and you can ship it to me to drink...LOL

Have a great weekend

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