Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Big Craft Show

So I did a 2 day Pumpkin Festival this past weekend...It was my first real big show.
I have done 1 show in the past but just a small 4 hour show in the basement of a school, so this was a Big
This is what my booth set up looked like...

If you look real close you see a BIG jar filled with candy corn...

I filled it up and my husband counted them and we made a box and some guess tags
so I had people guess how many candy corns were in the jar and the closest person gets
to choose a hat for free....which reminds me I need to call

 I shared the booth space with The Pine Cone Tea Cup so you see half of my items and half of her items.
My son all bundled up looking cute and cuddly ;)

 Looking from this view now I wish i would have pulled the table cloths forward more and hid the items under the tables that kinda looks crappy...(so next show I will fix this)

 I loved having the mirrors all over for people to try on hats...They really came in handy

The baby hats were mostly hung on the line with clothes pins

I grabbed my grandmas old coat rack to hang my scarfs on and I can say
that no one wanted scarfs or cowls....Hats and Hats and more hats...

I do want to get more Styrofoam heads cuz everything just looks better on them...

On the peg board I have the long hooks and I made big yarn balls and just sat the hats
on top of the yarn balls to the hook wouldn't catch the hats and pull the yarn out...

I do want to show the cowls and scarfs more tho on my next show instead of them all jammed together on the coat rack....but it is a learn learn situation...any ideas is helpful...and hopefully
I may have given you all some ideas as well...

I did really well at my first show and will be doing more...I sold alot of what I had in hats and
received orders as well...I got my name out and about and was invited to more craft shows

all in all I had a wonderful time doing what I love and making some money at it


  1. Looking good girl! Congrats on your success! Looking forward to more!!

  2. You give me hope! I love your setup and the changes you mentioned for the next show. I really like how the table has things on levels so you can really fit more into that same space by working your way up.

    I'm itching to do a craft show. I haven't found the right one for me. I did one last year but it was a venue more for potters with a few crafters like me mixed in. I'm going to keep looking. Thanks for all the tips. :-)

  3. congrats on your show!
    I hope to get in some next year.
    thanks so much for sharing your space - it really looked great!!
    Wish I had some wise words to share, but maybe next year. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm loooking into doing some holiday shows for the first time this year, and any insight is helpful! Your setup looks great btw!