Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shout Out


I made a purchase the other day from this amazing shop on etsy

I bought some yummy smelling peppermint soap and when I got the package in the mail and opened it up my whole house smelled like peppermint...I love that smell...

 I was also blessed to recieve some small sample bars as well and I must say I will be visiting this shop for my christmas shopping....

were 2 of my sample soaps to try...My son and my husband love these soaps as well..

I highly recommend this shop for your smellee needs and to add some cool drama in your soap dishes
I love the little shapes and how they are brought to life in a unique way for your bath...

Check out this yummy Apple Pie Soap
If you want to gift something everyone can use stop over and check out this shop...
There is something for everyone in the family...

Look at these Buffalo Wings Soap

And I must say for the kiddies there is the always famous Gingerbread Boy

So for that gift to give someone who has everything...This shop is the perfect place to visit...Also try there Bath Bombs

This is my Shout Out for today...Thanks for stopping over..

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  1. Love the way you lift up others and find the goodness of life :)
    these soaps look so cool and unique!