Thursday, October 14, 2010

That time of year again

My how fast time will never catch it, stop it or even slow it down

The season has changed over into fall and the leaves are turning and crumbling
beneath my feet. 
 The smell of candles fill the house with warm cinnamon and apple spice.

The Halloween decorations are out and costumes are ready to be worn. 
Hot chocolate and Hot toddy's are my favorite drink this time of year. 

*But also in the Fall is a day I will never forget*

Tomorrow is October 15, 2010
This date marks the 4th year without my dad...
He passed away early in the morning and I remember the phone call and the 911 operator on the other line and my mom crying...

We knew he was going down hill..
He couldn't breathe or even lay down to sleep due to his lungs collapsing...
My dad was only 54 years old when he passed away. 

This is him holding Nathan at the hospital when he was born...
My dad is now a Grandpa 
Planning my dad's funeral was not something I ever thought about doing.  But my brother and I pulled together and got it all done. 

The first suit my son ever wore was to see his grandpa for the last time..
he was 5 years old when it happened...

They did get to have a dance together
Now Nathan is 10 and still a huge fan of his grandpa  (paw' paw Rick) 
Time does heal pain and life does go on...

~I want this blog to go out to my dad~

He will never be forgotten or loved no matter how many years go bye bye....


  1. :( Sucks sweetie, I know how hard it is...He is very proud of you though..and of that little punk of yours!! :)

  2. I dont know if you got my note..
    but i simply just wanted you to know that i had stopped by and wanted to let you know someone was thinking of you during that time :) Hugs