Thursday, September 23, 2010

***WINNER *** WINNER ****


Thanks so much for all the votes on these beautiful pictures sent in to me for my contest....
This was my BIG 1 year with Etsy contest and the winner gets to choose any hat from my shop as the prize....

The winner is #5
Many votes came in for #5 and I must say what a sexy and beautiful picture in my Grey Beautee hat sold in my Tolduso shop....
This hat is my number 1 seller.  Thanks so much K.I.  and CONGRATS to you..

Did you know that K.I. has a fan page on facebook
Designs by Kiva  stop on over and become a fan. 
 While you are clicking around please go visit her etsy shop. 

Ok....Some great news for 2nd Place....

**Know what...Since it was a big event for Tolduso
I am going to give 2nd place a free hat as well...I can't help it...She was so creative with the way she wore her scarf/visor which was a Spring/Summer Seller in my shop and green is my favorite color..So congrats to you to Meghan.
Thanks so much for playing and helping me celebrate my 1 year annee...:))

The 2nd place winner is

Meghan has an Etsy shop as well...  Megs Crochet jewels  I hope you stop on over and visit her shop.
and become a facebook fan of her page  Megs crochet jewels

Again I want to thank everyone that took the time to send in pictures and play..

I have new items coming to my shop in the next few days...I hope you stop on over and visit my sale section in my shop as well....Items will continue to drop so I can clean out my shop for new warm and cozy options..

CONGRATS to The Winners...

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